Dartford Farmers Market

Dartford Farmers’ Market began in November 2005 at the request of Dartford Borough Council and has been running since then. The regularity of the Farmers Market has now been agreed by Dartford Borough Council as taking place on the 3rd Friday of each month.

The Farmers Market is held in the Pedestrian area of Dartford High Street and is open to the public between 10am and 2pm on the 3rd Friday of the month.

There’s a variety of produce available include meat, bread, plants, preserves, fudge and much more.

Dates for 2017:

* Friday 20 January
* Friday 17 February
* Friday 17 March
* Friday 21 April
* Friday 19 May
* Friday 16 June
* Friday 21 July
* Friday 18 August
* Friday 15 September
* Friday 20 October
* Friday 17 November
* Friday 15 December

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